Batik which Boasts

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Batik which Boasts ImageBatik has already known around the world. There are many state leaders who like to wear them. Batik Indonesia with a variety of motives is very impressive, indeed. Batik can be combined with various accessories. Batik may also be a dress, coat, scarf, and others. Even batik can also be used as bags, wallets, shoes, and a wide range of goods. Some time ago, there is also an automotive company that makes the car painted batik.

Antiquity, teenegers seemto be embarrassed to use batik as it considered less tacky and uptodate. But now Batik has become the pride of the community, especially in Indonesia. Young people no longer awkward and embarrassed to use it because now Batik has been made in a variety of gorgeous models. By fashionable designs make batik more prestige and more acceptable in all levels.

Especially after batik established as one of the world heritage, it makes a lot of Indonesian people  is proud to wear it. So that the sales of batik rose sharply which impact on the revenue of the batik maker. After a long collapsed, eventually the batik traders can now enjoy a tidy profit.

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